Have you hugged your partner today? It might improve your relationship

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couple at sunsetNew relationships are exciting and overflowing with romance. But as the years pass, couples are less likely to spend time on nurturing this side of their relationship. Throw in a couple of busy kids, pets, and two full time jobs, and well ... who has time for candlelight dinners?

But a recent poll of 4,000 couples found that the key to a happy partnership is romance. Specifically, couples who considered themselves happy or very happy said that the secret to a happy marriage includes four hugs a day and seven nights together a month, including two dinner dates. Happy couples also enjoy:
  • two romantic walks a month
  • one kid-free night to the bar or movies
  • one gift a month, of flowers or something different
  • one night alone, away from each other
Am I the only one feeling a little pressure here? Two dinner dates, two romantic walks, one gift, and a trip to the movies every month? I'm not even sure we could afford all that romance! But in all seriousness, what this study does point out is that affection, romance, and just letting your partner know that they are one of the most important pieces of your busy life is key to a long, happy marriage.

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