Booster seats - Some brands not as safe as others

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booster seatWhen I bought both of my daughter's car seats, I did so with the idea in mind that eventually, they would use them as boosters. Silly me. Both came with good safety ratings, sure, but earlier this month, both appeared on the "not recommended" list of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's review of booster seats.

The group recently tested 41belt-positioning booster seats. Thirteen (my two included) did a poor job of improving fit at the lap and shoulder, increasing the chance of injury in a car accident. The IIHS shows parents how a belt should fit here, and also gives an example of a poorly fitting belt. The idea is that the lap belt should fit flat against the top of the thighs, not across the soft abdomen.

The IIHS is calling for the 13 seats that didn't past the test to be redesigned. The good news is that the best booster seats are not the most expensive. In fact, my mom just bought a Graco Turbobooster (the backless model is a recommended seat) for about $19 for her own car. If you, like me, are in the market for a new booster seat, visit the IIHS's website to see their best bets and good bets, as well as those seats that are not recommended.

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