Jaime Oliver goes to great lengths to father a son

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I'm not sure I'd ever want to be famous. There comes a point in everyone's life when they say something they wish they could take back, but when you say it on national television ... well, that's a problem. I'm wondering if Naked Chef star Jamie Oliver is feeling like that now.

The husband and father of two recently admitted that when conceiving his third child with wife Jools, he really, really wanted a boy. So strong was his desire for a son, he did a little experimenting. A specialist had told him that when it comes to conceiving one sex over the other, it was all about "temperature." So Jamie bought an adult diaper, soaked it in water and froze it, cut a hole, then slipped that baby on. Can you say romantic?

Whether it worked or not, the couple doesn't yet know. Jamie and Jools are already parents to Poppy Honey, 6, and Daisy Boo, 5, and have made no secret about their desire to have a son. To see Jamie make his hilarous admission to talk show host Jonathan Ross, watch the (possibly NSFW) video below.

My favorite line? "I actually didn't plan on having this conversation." I bet!


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