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Board games usually pit player against player. Team up as a family for nail-biting suspense against Max the Cat.Max the Cat
Why is Max the Cat our favorite board game? For one, it's cooperative. Players team up together to help a squirrel, bird, and mouse make it safely to their tree before Max the Cat catches up to them. One review I read called it the "Bourne Identity" of board games, and they were right! Keeping kitty away from his prey keeps everyone on their toes. Even our younger daughter could participate in the game, before she could read numbers or count. It's also a deeply strategic game. Kids have to figure out how to get everyone safely around the board, and when they should use one of Max's "treats" to call him back home.

We had to soften the story a bit for our crew. When Max gets the best of us, instead of eating the animals he chases them around the outside of the board a few times until they reach the safety, usually behind Mom or Dad. If the predator/prey relationship is too much for your little one, visit Family Pastimes for more cooperative games for the whole family.

This week on DailyDish, we're talking about our favorite board games. What's yours?


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