Barack Obama offers mail-order baby kisses

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Okay, so maybe the Sarah Palin Baby Name Generator wasn't of interest to you. Maybe your politics make you more interested in her opponent, the charismatic senator from Illinois. So how do you support Obama and get your fledgling democrat involved in the 2008 presidential election at the same time? Easy! Just ship him or her off to get a kiss from the candidate.

Kissing babies is a longstanding tradition in American politics and, even in this era of modern campaigning, Obama is not one to ignore the past. The only thing is, he can't be everywhere. So, if you've got a baby and you want Obama's blessing, just go to the Send Barack your baby website for instructions on how to pack up the little one and send him on over to campaign headquarters.

Upon arrival, your baby will be unpacked, given your choice of a hug, a kiss, or hope, and then packed up again to be sent home. And as if that weren't enough, there's also a slideshow of adorable little Obama supporters. Too bad they're not old enough to vote!

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