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Encourage kids' problem solving skills with a 3-D puzzle gameThink Fun Rush HourBoard games are great for kids, as long as they have someone to play with -- but what about those days when you need the tots to play alone? Or what about kids who are smart enough to play games but not able to read? A mom can only play so many games of Hi Ho Cherry O! before she starts to lose it.

Think Fun's Rush Hour to the rescue.

Rush Hour is a three-dimensional puzzle; it comes with wee plastic cars and a set of cards that tell you how to set up various traffic jam situations. Players then rearrange the cars to free the ice cream truck. This is a game that kids can play alone, or against each other -- my kids compete to see who can free the truck fastest, but they can also test who can do it in the fewest moves.

The traffic jam challenges range from very simple to very advanced, so every player has a chance to succeed. And the whole game packs up easily for travel and storage.

Rush Hour is available at Amazon.com for $14.24. Worth the investment, I promise.


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