Ford planning a car parents will love

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Car keys hanging from the vehicle's ignitionAll I can say is that I'm sure glad they didn't have this system when I was a teenager. Ford is introducing a system that allows parents to control a vehicle's maximum speed, limit the radio volume, and even ensure that seatbelts are worn. All of this is part of a system called MyKey that will initially be standard on the 2010 Ford Focus due out next year and on other vehicles in the future.

The system comes with up to eight keys, each of which can have its own settings. Parents control the system with a master key. "Teens are probably the riskiest drivers," said Sue Cischke, group vice president of sustainability, environment and safety engineering at Ford. "MyKey helps parents encourage their teens to drive safely." More like forces them to drive, well, safer, anyway. Take the seatbelts, for example. Not only is the car more annoying in reminding occupants to buckle up, but the stereo won't come on until everyone's belted in.

As a teen, I don't think I would have liked this system but, as a parent, I am definitely intrigued. This seems a lot simpler than following them around all the time.

Would you consider a system like this for your kids?
Absolutely! I was a teenager once myself -- I know what they're like!181 (75.7%)
Absolutely not! My kids are responsible and I trust them -- something like this would only create a barrier between us.58 (24.3%)

Should your parents have had something like this?
Definitely -- it might have kept me out of jail20 (9.4%)
Probably, but it wouldn't have made much of a difference40 (18.9%)
Not really, I was a pretty good kid91 (42.9%)
Definitely not -- I would have left home16 (7.5%)
Actually, I could have used this for my parents21 (9.9%)
It's moot -- I bought my own car24 (11.3%)

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