Minnie Driver shows off her son on MySpace

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There's a new trend among Hollywood parents -- no, not twins, silly! I'm talking about the decision not to sell photos of the new baby to a magazine or tabloid. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban said no thanks to some big offers, and Halle Berry passed as well. And now new mom Minne Driver has chosen to skip the big photo shoot, too.

But Driver isn't keeping her son Henry Story under wraps -- instead, Driver, 38, posted photos of her wee bundle of joy on her MySpace page. You know, like mom bloggers have been doing for years. According to Driver's rep, the actress "wasn't trying to make a statement with Henry's public debut - she simply wanted to share the photo with friends and fans."

I think that's really cool; it's a nice reminder that Driver is a mom, like the rest of us, even though she's a celebrity. Driver has been famously private about this pregnancy, refusing to identify baby Henry's father (she says that he will be involved but that they will not get married) so posting a photo on MySpace is a nice way to bridge wanting to show off her son with not wanting to make an issue of her private life.

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