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Creative answers lead to great fun in this classic game of categories.
Scattergories, the game of categories
We used to play Scattergories a lot at our monthly game night back before we had kids. While the game itself is lots of fun, it was the rationalizations our host would come up with to explain why his answers truly did fit the category in question. Sometimes he convinced us, other times not, but either way we had lots of laughs.

In this game, players must come up with a unique answer that matches each of the twelve categories in a list. The twist is that all twelve answers must begin with a specific letter, chosen by rolling a twenty-sided die. So you might have to come up with things in a desk, infamous people, and a fruit or vegetable that all begin with the letter "R". This leads to demonstrative justifications as to why someone's high school math teacher would be an infamous person or whether or not there really is or could be broccoli-flavored ice cream.

Each game consists of three timed rounds with each round having a different set of categories and a different initial letter. At the end of the round each player announces their answers. Only unique answers count -- if anyone else came up with the same answer, both are discarded -- so there is a big incentive to come up with creative answers.

Our kids are still too young to play by the rules, but when we've played, we let them chime in with answers after everyone has announced their answer. Depending on their age, they may or may not get the right letter, but they enjoy it. We've picked up several sets at thrift shops so we have plenty of the category cards to go around.

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