Kid gear -- What do you never leave home without?

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antibacterial hand wipesRemember the first time you left the house with the baby? You probably had a diaper bag the size of a Volkwagon Beetle, stocked with enough diapers and wipes and clothes for a three-week road trip. And that was just to run to the market to pick up some milk. Remember those days?

It's a rookie mistake that we all make.

Even after you figure out that really, you only need to take a couple of diapers and a small pack of wipes and you can totally skip that full change of clothes and just stuff an extra onesie in there -- even then, there's always something you feel like you Absolutely Must Have in the diaper bag. When my sons were babies, it was a blanket -- must have the blanket! In case the baby wants to, uh, lie on the floor at the grocery, I guess. I don't know why I felt like I needed that blanket, but it was always in the bag.

When they got older, my must-have was antibacterial hand wipes, at least two packages at a time, because kids touch everything! and then touch you! and themselves! eew! My kids, of course, also used the hand wipes to clean everything, including the windows of my car, which was kind of gross.

These days, my kids are in school full time and I'm not toting a baby bag any more. But I still never leave the house without a good supply of Kleenex (it's in the Mom Rules: Mom must always have Kleenex for you) and a camera. Because you never know when the kids will do something cute -- or when they will sneeze.

What's on your must-have list when you leave the house?

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