"Accidental incest" possible after one man impregnates 30 women

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Boy meets girl. Boy and girl fall in love. Boy and girl find out they are related.

Lifetime Movie Network or just your average Australian romance?

Australian laws are forcing gays and lesbians to seek "unregulated" sperm donors in order to have children, worrying state officials who say a generation of half-siblings could commit "accident incest" if the trend continues.

One man is thought to have impregnated at least 30 lesbians, while another man's sperm may have been used to father 29 babies.

According to FOXNews, sperm donation in South Australia is limited to heterosexual couples experiencing infertility and other reproductive hurdles, forcing same-sex couples to seek "donations" from willing parties online, or from casual sex. The same laws also require sperm donors to reveal their identities, putting off many men from donating at legitimate clinics.

Authorities fear that the children could grow up, meet and form sexual relationships with one another -- they are particularly worried because 29 half-siblings may all reside in Adelaide, one "big county town." Doctors fault the laws, which they say push gays and lesbians outside the system to have children of their own, and called for the South Australian laws to be repealed.

Ambitious entrepreneurs take note -- the DNA analysis business is going to be HUGE down under.

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