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This original version of Trivial Pursuit may not be intended for little kids, but mine loves it anyway.trivial pursuitWe own the Disney version of the game, but my 8-year-old prefers to play the grown-up version. She rarely knows the answers to any of the questions, but that doesn't matter the way we play. In our kid-friendly version, her role is that of the moderator. She asks the questions while my husband and I play against each other. Not only does this help improve her reading skills, it also gives her the opportunity to fill her brain with odd bits of useless knowledge that she otherwise wouldn't learn until college.

Thanks to Trivial Pursuit, she knows about football, politics and poetry. She can pronounce the word "cumulus" and knows what it means. Granted, we occasionally come across a subject that is entirely inappropriate (like pornography, for example), but we just skip those questions and move on.

The best part of playing Trivial Pursuit this way is that it isn't mind-numbingly boring for us grown-ups. She has a good time while learning and we don't have to pretend to be having fun playing Mouse Trap. It's a win-win.


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