Drunk dad makes 10-year-old drive

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beer bottleThe latest nominee for the Bad Dads Hall of Shame comes from Tennessee. A dad downed 15 beers and a few mixed drinks before it suddenly occurred to him that he should have a designated driver. Since his gal pal was high on her own mixture of four different kinds of pills, he turned to the next obvious (to him) choice ... his 10-year-old son.

Unfortunately, the boy was no driving prodigy. He drove the van at speeds up to 90 mph before flipping it over. The police found the van upside down, the passengers -- which included two other children -- sitting in the middle of the road. The woman suffered a broken bone in her neck, one child had a broken hand, and the rest had cuts and bruises.

As if this story could be any more over the top, the man was arrested wearing a t-shirt that said, "Buy This Dad a Beer." What you won't see him wearing anytime soon is a t-shirt that says, "World's Greatest Dad."

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