Woman conceives triplets while on the pill

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For women who use it regularly and never miss a day, the pill is an effective form of birth control 98-99% of the time. So while it's possible to get pregnant while using this particular form of birth control, the odds are definitely in a woman's favor.

Imagine Kristy Hale's surprise, then, when she found out that she was pregnant. Kristy told her fiance Toby on a Friday, and the couple found themselves shocked but happy at the thought of a baby. The following Monday brought a much news -- Kristy was expecting identical triplets. Doctors say the odds of conceiving triplets while taking the pill are a shocking one in 200 million. I think Kristy better go buy herself a lottery ticket.

The babies were delivered recently, 13 weeks early but doing well. "We weren't even trying for a family," said dad Toby Wilson. "When Kristy got pregnant, she was on the pill. But we are so excited -- it's an instant family." The young couple are definitely taking this turn of events in stride, but I bet they don't depend too heavily on that particular form of birth control in the future!

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