Presidential pirates

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A pirate captainThey disagree on the economy. They disagree about foreign policy. They even disagree on how to pronounce "Pakistan". But whatever their philosophical, economic, military or social differences, there is one thing the two presidential candidates, Barack Obama and John McCain, can agree upon -- pirates are cool.

In interviews with Nick News, both candidates told the thirteen-year-olds quizzing them that their favorite costume from their own past was that of a pirate. Now, having dressed as a pirate for a friend's son's birthday party, complete with real saber, I can understand that. There's something to be said for the romantic notion of a pirate's life -- sailing the seas, answering to no one, sort of an ocean-going hobo. Only, with plundering and pillaging thrown in.

McCain seems partial to that part; "When I see the way they behave in the United States Senate," he said in the interview, "sometimes I wish I (could) put my costume on and take my sword out or my dagger and get 'em back in line."

Obama, on the other hand, remembers fondly the costume he wore when he was three years old. He says it was "one of the best costumes of all time," adding that it even came complete with a pirate sword and a "little mustache."

I think we've finally found something that truly crosses all party lines and that everyone, republican or democrat, liberal or conservative, boxers or briefs, can agree on. And if we're all into being pirates, surely the rest of these problems can be solved? What say ye? Arrr!


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