Christian Slater gets GED to set an example for his kids

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Did you know Christian Slater was a high school dropout? Neither did I. But though the actor of two might not need that diploma to round out his resume anymore, he recently went back to school -- to bone up on academics for the GED test. His inspiration? His children Jaden, 9, and Eliana, 7. "High school was not something that I remotely took seriously, and now I have these kids" he told Parade magazine. "I obviously care for them to get an education, and I want them to take it seriously, so I am going to have to do something."

Christian passed the test, though he claims to have just squeaked by in his most feared subject, math. He told Parade that his children make him want to improve himself. "I wanted to be able to look them in the eye and feel they were looking into the eyes of somebody who was making an effort to take care of himself and be a better person."

That's a pretty profound statement from a dad who obviously takes his job as a parent very seriously. What about you? Has being a parent inspired you to make changes for the better in your life?

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