Christie Brinkley - Concerned mom or interfering ex?

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Christie BrinkleyKnowing that his recent 20/20 interview discussing his divorce would hurt their kids, Peter Cook and Christie Brinkley did the smart thing and got their kids out of town the night it aired. (Though one could argue that it isn't smart to air your dirty laundry in public in the first place). But before he could leave, his method of transportation caused an even bigger ruckus.

As Peter was planning to put his children on a single engine airplane, his daughter Sailor, 10, reportedly called mom Christie Brinkley in tears, because she was afraid to board the plane. Christie survived a 1994 helicopter crash and now always flies her family in bigger aircraft. Christie allegedly called the police, attempting to stop the plane from taking off with the kids on board, even offering to pay for a flight on a larger plane.

Because Peter wasn't doing anything technically illegal, the family was allowed to continue on with their trip. According to a source from the Cook camp, "They left and had a wonderful flight." Peter is trying to spin the incident as just another opportunity for Christie to interfere with his time with the kids. But sources close to Christie say that this has always been a family rule, and that as sole custodial parent, she has the right to make that decision.

Just another celebrity couple reminding us that divorce is never easy, but that a Hollywood divorce comes with it's own set of problems. What do you think?

How would you have handled this situation?
Christie did the right thing. Her daughter was scared.175 (22.1%)
Just like Peter did -- hop on the plane anyway.51 (6.4%)
This should have been discussed ahead of time, without involving the kids.504 (63.7%)
I can't even relate.61 (7.7%)

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