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plastic pumpkin Across the country, kids are gearing up for the one holiday when it is socially acceptable to ask perfect strangers for candy, and some people are scouting out locations that might offer a better selection for their little ghosts and goblins.

Residents in some cities and neighborhoods across the country complain that on Halloween eve, minivans full of kids from other locations will show up on their street and expel gaggles of ghouls looking for high-quality treats. Some websites even go so far as to publish the best locations in town.

Just what makes a neighborhood prime trick-or-treating real estate? Thickly settled, well-lit streets with plenty of porch lights glowing, and low automobile traffic, well as a high ratio of homes decked out in Halloween finery. Perception doesn't hurt, either -- neighborhoods with a reputation for wealth are more likely to draw visitors from other areas.

Just how acceptable is it to engage in drive-by trick-or-treating? It depends on which side of the street you're on. Those in popular locations grumble that parents are looking for a way get "better pickings" for their kids, without having to reciprocate, while others claim it is a matter of safety. Imagine what it's like for parents of kids who live in Chicago's notorious public housing, for example.

What do you think? Would you drop your child off in a "better" neighborhood on Halloween, or do you find the practice obnoxious and greedy?
Would you trick or treat in another neighborhood?
You bet, rich people give out the best candy132 (25.9%)
Never, how rude103 (20.2%)
Maybe, if I though it would be safer274 (53.8%)

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