Alphabets - thinking outside the blocks

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A collection of alphabet blocksIf you're tired of the same old alphabets for your little ones (and Sweet Juniper's doesn't do it for you), have a look at this collection of twenty-three different alphabets. There is the well-known butterfly wing alphabet, of course, but also some very creative and fascinating new ones as well.

There is the rather unexpected meat alphabet, the mind-boggling buildings and sky alphabet, and even a few found alphabets. I think my favorites are the matchbook alphabet (very creative idea), the pebble alphabet (amazing), and the truck rear end alphabet (just plain cool). You might like the whimsical beard alphabet or the binder clip alphabet more, however.

I have to say -- this makes me want to grab my camera and come up with my own set of alphabet photos. Anyone have any ideas for a creative alphabet?


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