Sunbathing Australian teens advertise for boys

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Teenage girl talking on a cellphone.A group of teenage girls, fourteen and fifteen years old, had the brilliant idea of writing their mobile phone numbers on their backs with blue skin cream so that boys could see them when the girls were sunbathing. The girls were hoping to attract some attention, but admitted that they got some they weren't looking for. "An old guy tried to talk to me. He was trying to take pictures of us," said one fifteen-year-old.

Nikki Goldstein, author of Girlforce, thinks it's a bad idea. "They're in their bikinis, showing off their bodies, objectifying themselves in a way that is, to my mind, a bit trashy," she explained. "Really what they're saying is 'Dial me up for sex'." Child protection experts are warning other girls not to follow this example and Goldstein notes that "we'd never advise girls to broadcast their phone number on the internet or anywhere that could make them a target."

The girls themselves see it as just being a good bit of fun, especially since they're not planning on going any further than chatting. "We come for both the beach and the boys, but I'm taken, so it's all good," said one. Unfortunately, it's not always "all good" and not everyone at the beach is someone you want to have your phone number.


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