Angelina Jolie shares her love of cutlery with Maddox

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Angelina JolieI must have been nine or ten; I remember being almost as amazed that I won the auction for the pocket knife as I was that my mother let me bid on it. That was, however, the first of many knives and other weapons I owned -- a few of which my mother knew about and many which she didn't. Apparently, Angelina Jolie had a similar experience.

According to the Perez Hilton website, Angelina told W Magazine that her mother took her shopping for a knife when she was eleven years old and she is now continuing the tradition -- she recently took her son Maddox knife-shopping. Maddox is a bit younger than both Angelina and I were; he is only seven.

I'm not sure seven is old enough to have a knife of one's own but given his mom's experience, I'll bet Maddox will learn to use it safely.

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