Girl with Down syndrome voted Homecoming Queen

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tiaraWhile America waits on the edge of its seat to see who will win the Presidential election, teenagers everywhere are engaged in a much more "important" vote -- that of homecoming king and queen. Though Election 2008 may be anything but settled, high school homecoming results are usually far more predictable.

Not so at Aledo High School in Texas where teens recently voted Kristin Pass as their queen. What's so special about Kristin? Not only is she "the coolest kid in the whole wide world," according to her aunt, Chari Hust, she also has Down syndrome. "Everyone in the stands burst into tears -- I've never heard anything so loud in my life," said Hust. And Kristin? She mouthed the words "thank you" to the crowd while wearing "a smile as big as the state of Texas."

Hust says there was no campaign to elect Kristin, but that she's just a beloved friend among her peers. Making the story especially poignant is the fact that Kristin's dad passed away suddenly two years ago. Her grandfather stepped in for him to escort Kristin onto stage. "You can't measure how proud I was," he said. "Every fiber in my body was happy for her."

In a month that's been littered with economic crisis and political backbiting, those darn kids in Texas just restored my hope in humanity. Congratulations, Kristin.

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