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It is possible to avoid OD'ing on candy after Halloween.

Halloween candy shaped like pumpkins
Halloween, for many kids, means candy. That's not necessarily a bad thing -- after all, it is only once a year. But despite what your kids believe, there is such a thing as too much candy. To avoid stomach rumblings and dental caries, here are some tips to help cut down on the sweet eats.

Start off with a big meal. Kids will be less likely to chow down on the candy they collect if they've already had plenty of chow. Consider fixing one of their favorite meals so they'll eat hearty portions. This will also help keep them warm when they're out and about.

Limit the time they spend trick-or-treating. We take the kids around to the houses on our block -- as much to visit as to gather candy -- and then head over to my in-law's. Sure, they get some delicious, homemade cookies and cupcakes but it's a lot less than they'd get if they spent that time getting more candy.

Check with your kids' dentist. Our pediatric dentist offers to trade toys for Halloween candy. Depending on the kid, this may be a very easy way to do away with most of the candy. Failing that, you can always offer a toy or even cash for the candy yourself. After striking a deal, take the candy to work to share so you don't end up eating it all.

So it is possible to let kids have the fun of Halloween without all the sugar.


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