David Duchovny and Tea Leoni stayed together for their kids

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As we all know by now, in what seems somehow too sad to be true, veteran television star David Duchovny and his box office babe wife, Tea Leoni, are divorcing. It came as news to many, however, that the pair had actually been separated for several months before wind of the divorce. The couple's response? They kept things on the down low for the sake of their children. As if you could keep something like going to rehab for an alleged porn addiction on the down low. And I can only imagine what the kids have dealt with in response to that nonsense.

The X-Files star Duchovny and Leoni have two children, Madelaine, 9, and Kyd, 6, from their eleven-year marriage (which is a big deal, in Hollywood). We haven't seen too much of either kid, thankfully, as their parents wisely kept them out of the harsh limelight of the media. Now, though, the kids are going to be front and center as their parents divorce and the question of custody comes up. Will the kids be spared the spotlight or will they be drug through it?

What's more, if the parents are so concerned about the well-being of their children, why not try to make the marriage work and stick together? That's a coy question, indeed, as we all know there are some very, very good reasons out there to seek a divorce. I just think it's so hard on the kids when their parents live in two separate places, but, in reality, most celebrity kids never live the lives we or our children lead. How often do you think the Duchovny/Leoni clan actually sat down to a home-cooked (by one of them) meal together and talked about school and work? Alas, if there is one Hollywood couple I could picture doing that, it would be these two. Perhaps they tried staying together for the kids and it just didn't work out.

What would you do--stick it out for the kids, like most of our parents did, back when it was considered unacceptable to get a divorce, or call your lawyer when it becomes clear that you can't fit a square peg in a round hole?

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