Storing with style

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Imagine a world where coats are hung, playthings are stored, and mittens and scarves no longer litter the floor. A place where you can walk a straight line without tripping over a toy and landing on a pile of shoes. Now, imagine yourself living in this world. You can - with just a little money and these clever storage and organization ideas, your home need no longer look like a hurricane just blew through.

Let's face it, telling your kids to pick up their stuff is a lot more effective if there is a place for them to actually put their stuff. Click through the gallery below for some ideas on how to de-clutter your space and encourage your kids to be neat.

ParentPicks - Storage(click thumbnails to view gallery)

Pottery Barn Wicker BasketsMasterCook Recipe ManagementCoat RackItso Storage CubesOver the Door Shoe Organizer


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