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halloween costumesSo your mother-in-law is driving you to drink. How to deal. -- AlphaMom

Got a bun in the oven? Find the perfect Halloween costume for your pregnant self. -- Babble

Cold and flu season has officially arrived. Here are some facts that might surprise you. -- BabyCenter

Kevin and Christine Costner are giving son Cayden, 17 months, a sibling. -- Celebrity Baby Blog

Still haven't found your toddlers Halloween costume? Try these simple, green options. -- LilSugar

Thinking of a sleep sack for baby? Try a GroBag. -- MomFinds

Mom have a new culprit to blame excess weight on -- their men. -- MomLogic

So you found your teen on Facebook. But now he won't "friend" you. One mom relates. -- The Motherhood

Sure, times are tight. But here are five luxuries you can still afford. -- Work it, Mom!


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