Blogger calls Sarah Palin's child a 'prop'

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keyboardBlogging is, by its very nature, a personal thing. Bloggers express their opinions and readers are free to express theirs by way of comments. But nobody ever said that freedom of expression means freedom from consequences. This is something that blogger Susan Bruce learned the hard way.

Bruce, a campaign blogger for Rep. Carol Shea-Porter (D-N.H.), has resigned after commenting on an article on The article was about vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin's visit to New Hampshire last week and the comment Bruce contributed was just vile.

Referring to two of Palin's children, one who is seventeen and pregnant and the other who was born with Down syndrome, Bruce wrote this: "I don't think that putting a scarlet letter on your own teenager and throwing her to the wolves in front of the whole world is something to be proud of. I don't think that using a special needs baby as a prop on late night TV appearances is a value to crow about."

The New Hampshire GOP denounced Bruce's comments and suggested that Rep. Shea-Porter should fire her. Bruce, who insists she was only speaking for herself and not Rep. Shea-Porter, saved her the trouble by resigning.

I know that some people are very passionate about their candidates and sometimes get a little worked up when discussing those on the other side. But I don't think that insulting a political candidate by insinuating that she's using her own children for political gain is something to crow about, either.

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