Hilary Duff fights 'that's so gay'

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Look up the word "gay" in the dictionary and you will find eight entries. Most of those entries refer to good moods, bright colors, social pleasures and wanton behavior. But entry number seven is the one that defines the word as it is most commonly used these days: a homosexual person, especially a male.

But there is another use of the word that the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) would like to discourage: the all-purpose put-down so popular with teens. If a young person looks at something and says "that's so gay", that doesn't mean they think it is happy, colorful or anything else positive. The phrase is a catchall that has come to mean ugly, bad or otherwise undesirable. And this, of course, is offensive.

In an effort to reduce and prevent this sort of of homophobic language among teens, the GLSEN has launched the Think B4 You Speak campaign. Hilary Duff has joined the effort by filming a television ad in which she calls out two teen girls who use the phrase "that's so gay" to describe a shirt they don't like. I hope the ad not only makes people think twice about the words they use, but maybe some will follow Duff's example and stand up to those who just don't get it.

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