New Jersey requires flu vaccine

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A syringeThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that all children, from six months to eighteen years old, get the flu vaccine this year. It's a choice that some parents will make and others will eschew. Except, of course, in New Jersey. The state is the first in the nation to make the vaccine required.

New Jersey now mandates that children from six months to five years old who attend daycare or preschool get vaccinated. Of course, there are parents who are up in arms about this calling it an issue of choice. At a recent protest rally, one of the organizers explained that "this is not an anti-vaccine rally - it's a freedom of choice rally."

As far as I can tell, people do have a choice -- they can choose not to vaccinate their kids and then keep them home. Apparently, that's not enough choice and a bill is now in the works to allow parents to opt-out of the mandatory vaccinations and still be able to send their kids off to infect other children.

Should states mandate vaccinations for children in daycare and preschool?
Absolutely! I don't want my kid infected.96 (21.9%)
Only if parents can opt out (that is, make it optional).105 (24.0%)
No way! Keep the government out of my kids' bloodstream!237 (54.1%)

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