Mark Wahlberg bans kids from his movies

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Big Daddy Mark Wahlberg has recently admitted to banning his children from watching his films. The reason for this? No, not because some of his films are not so hot (The Happening, anyone?) but because some of them are a little, er, risque. The main film in question, is, of course, Boogie Nights, which happens to be one of my all-time favorites. The Wahlberg vehicle documents character Dirk Diggler's rise and fall and then rise again in the porn industry, and features, at the end, a photo op of Dirk's phallus. Not exactly kiddo material. Hence, the former Funky Bunch frontman has forbidden his children--daughter Ella Rae, five, and two sons Michael, two, and newbie Brendan Joseph --from seeing the film.

I could understand Wahlberg's concern if, say, he were Pam Anderson and this was about that sex tape. Personal positive bias aside, Boogie Nights is a pretty good film, with good writing, good acting and a general sense of fun. Wahlberg should be proud. Maybe he's more nervous about all the violence in his other movies, although he doesn't mention it. No one seems to bat an eyelash about the public--kids or otherwise--being exposed to ultraviolent shoot-em-ups that leave legions dead and bloodied, but heaven forbid a minor sees a boobie!

At least the new (for the third time) dad is being protective of his kids, and making choices instead of letting the wordl do it for him. Tell ypu one thing, though-those kids WILL find a way to see Boogie Nights!

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