88-year-old arrested for stealing kid's ball

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footballThe house on the corner where my kid catches the school bus is owned by a couple who look to be in their sixties. They have previously made it clear that they don't want the children on their lawn, so we stand on the street (there are no sidewalks) and try to keep the kids off the grass. This isn't always easy to do with the younger siblings, who get bored waiting for the bus and have a tendency to wander. That tendency to wander resulted in a toddler being sprayed with a garden hose last year, so the parents are extra-vigilant now. So far, there have been no incidents this year.

It sounds like Edna Jester of the Cincinnati suburb of Blue Ash has a similar dislike of children on her property. She doesn't want them - or their stuff - on her lawn and recently made her point by confiscating a teen neighbor's football that was in her yard. In this case, 'confiscating' is another word for 'stealing' and the teen's mom called police when Jester refused to return the ball. Jester was unrepentant. "I said go ahead and arrest me. Handcuff me if you'd like, because I said I'm not guilty of anything," she said. Police offered her a chance to sign a ticket saying she would appear in court, but she refused. So, they arrested her on charges of petty theft.

The incident was caught on tape by a neighbor, who supports Jester in her war against the football. "Taken down and interrogated, a (near) 90 year-old lady. It almost hits home like this is the United States, this can't happen and this is absolutely ridiculous," said neighbor Kevin Pike.

Kelly Tanis, the teen's mom, says this isn't the first time Jester has taken her children's balls. "This time it was a ball that my son had just bought with his own money. He works and he makes his own money, and he bought that ball ,and six days later she took it," Tanis said.

Jester says she would have given the ball back sooner or later, but waited because she didn't want to be made a laughing stock. She is due in court on November 12 to answer the charges.

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