Jennifer Aniston - Pregnant?

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Jennifer AnistonEver since she split with Brad Pitt, the media has been waiting for Jennifer Aniston to find another man and have his babies. When she's happily in love, the paps salivate over the possibilities. When she's not, they paint her as a sad spinster, boozing it up and playing third wheel to friends Courtney Cox and David Arquette.

I'd love to know what the real Jennifer Aniston is like, but she's probably smart to keep her private life private.

The rumor mill is a-buzz with news that Jennifer is pregnant, this time with ex John Mayer's child. Since there are no 100% reputable sources reporting this buzz, and since it started with an article in an Aussie tabloid, I'm pretty sure it's false. Jennifer and John have been hanging out again, and this just makes the story "jucier," I guess.
I grew up with two friends who were literally in a race to get married, literally as in there was a bet. With money involved. (Crazy, I know.) The one who lost the bet is still happily married to her first husband. The "winner" is in the middle of her third divorce. This idea that marriage and babies are the only way for a woman to be happy is not only absurd, it creates a unhealthy expectation for young girls.

I certainly hope that, if it's what they want, my own girls find love and start families, but what I don't want is for that particular goal to define them as young women. Jennifer has so many other measures by which to define her success.

What do you think of the way Jennifer Aniston is portrayed in the media? And do you think there's any truth to the rumors? Is it time for another bump watch?

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