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Don't despair if your kids can't go trick-or-treating on Halloween.
Two kids in costume, trick-or-treating
It can happen. Maybe one of the kids ends up in the emergency room. Maybe you end up in the delivery room. Perhaps someone's getting married. Whatever the reason, your kids don't have to be left out of the Halloween fun just because they can't cruise the neighborhood on the thirty-first. Take a tip from L. of The Homesick Home -- reschedule Halloween.

Sure, older kids can be bought off with a bag or two of candy bought for half price the day after, but little ones really want to visit the neighbors. Instead of disappointing them and paying for years of therapy, make it happen the next night, the next week, or even in April, if necessary.

Go around to some of the neighbors that you know and ask them if you can bring your kids around at an appointed time for a little out-of-season trick-or-treating. I would recommend offering to supply them with goodies -- remember, it's half off (or more!) anyway and you get the benefit of being able to control what the kids are given.

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