Election Day - Take your kid to vote

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voteWaiting in line at the Secretary of State a few weeks ago, a young women in front of me could hardly contain her excitement. "I'm registering to vote," she whispered to me, "For the very first time." I'm pretty sure what she meant was that this was her first election, and her enthusiasm made me smile.

In the last election, only one out of three 18-20 year olds voted, but this year's election has definitely energized the young people of America. But will that momentum last in an election year that isn't so exciting?

Some believe that voting can be a family affair. Take Your Kids to Vote is a campaign that encourages parents to take them to the voting booth on Election Day, to encourage kids to vote when they come of age. They also recommend that parents talk over the issues with kids at an age appropriate level. Choose an issue that relates directly to children, for instance, and ask your kids what they think.

Many kids will agree with their parents politically, but don't be surprised if yours chooses a different party. It's less important that they agree with you and more important that they understand the process of democracy. Check out Nickelodeon's Kids Pick the President, where kids can discuss the election with other kids through online forums.

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