Football-stealing granny gets a pass

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edna jesterJudging by the comments on the story about 89-year-old Edna Jester being arrested for refusing to return her neighbor's football, I think you will all be pleased with the latest development in that story. The Blue Ash, Ohio prosecutor has decided to drop the misdemeanor theft charge that was filed against Jester after she applied the 'finders keepers' rule to an errant football that landed in her yard.

We can all breathe a sigh of relief knowing that Jester won't be facing up to six months in jail for stealing her 13-year-old neighbor's football. But clearly Jester herself was never worried. When told the news, she said: "They are dropping them? I knew the good Lord was in my arrangements and that I had plenty of friends in back of me. I have too many friends in this world. There is nobody that is going to let anything happen to me," she said.

Since the original story, more details of how that football came to be in her yard have been revealed. It wasn't deliberate and it wasn't even the kid's fault. The boy's father, Paul Tanis, overthrew the ball and when he went to retrieve it, Jester had beaten him to it. She told him that if he wanted the ball back he would have to call the police. He did call the cops, but says he never intended for Jester to be arrested.

That she was arrested can be blamed on the fact that the officer who responded to the call wasn't the one Jester was accustomed to. (Accustomed to? You know, I think if you have a 'favorite' police officer then perhaps it is time you took a good look at the way you are living your life.) The cop who showed up looked too young and Jester didn't buy his credentials. So, another officer, Sgt. Dennis Whitman, arrived on the scene. He was adamant that Jester return the ball or be arrested. We all know what happened after that. Jester was arrested and all hell broke loose.

If, as one commenter suggested, Jester is just a lonely old lady looking for attention, she sure got what she was looking for. The story of Edna and the football caught the attention of Inside Edition and she even got a call from the Dr. Phil show. You know you are special when Dr. Phil wants to talk to you. In addition, hundreds of area residents supported Edna and even planned to show up, footballs in hand, during her scheduled court appearance. I guess she really does have plenty of friends.

And if you think that Jester is in any way considering changing her ornery ways, then you obviously don't know Edna Jester. She says she has no intention of returning the football -- or any of the other balls and frisbees in her collection.

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