Missing babyhood when your babies grow up

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baby toesThe last piece of baby gear just went out the door this past weekend, our crib mattress. We're officially a diaper-free, baby-free household. No one is more sure than me than four is the magic number for our family and that two kids is enough, but there are still babies in my life. Sometimes, when I'm with one of them, it makes me nostalgic.

Here's a list of the things I miss about having a baby around the house:
  • Baby talk. I remember when my younger would wake up in her crib and sound like she was shouting out a Thai takeout order: "Thom kha kai! Yam nau!"
  • Gummy smiles. Look cross-eyed at my nephew and he'll reward you with a Joey-like How YOU doin? smile. Look cross-eyed at my three-year-old and she'll say, "Quit lookin' at me like that."
  • Nursing. Yes, really. I do miss it. And I have not one picture of me doing it, make me envious of Angelina Jolie and her beautiful portrait.
  • Cribs. I remember the days when my kids were confined to their beds and didn't interrupt my very important TV watching with endless glasses of water and just-one-more kisses.
  • Snuggling. I used to love to let my babies fall asleep on my chest, then sit there and rock, letting the weight of them sink into my mama's heart.

Whew. Before I get too weepy, here are some things I DON'T miss about having a baby around:
  • The long nights: Babies are supposed to sleep through the night at 8 weeks. HA HA HA. Mine didn't do it until ... well, only one of them is actually doing it right now. But still, I get more sleep as a parent of big kids.
  • Baby-proofing: I can open all of my kitchen cupboards without unlocking them. I don't have to climb over baby gates to get where I want to go. And I don't have to worry (too much) when things get ominously quiet.
  • The work: Carrying for babies and young toddlers is very all-consuming. My big kids' independence gives me some time to focus on me again.
  • The diaper bag. I was never a Girl Scout and so therefore am rarely well-prepared. This got me into trouble a lot as a mom of babies, but now I can wing it pretty well.
  • The isolation. Babies aren't great conversationalists, but my kids are.
What about you? Do you miss having a baby around the house? What do you miss the most?

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