'No sex before marriage' contest has no entrants

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wedding ringsYou would think that a contest offering a $10,000 prize plus a whole host of other goodies would be swamped with entries. Not so for the Marriage for a Lifetime contest sponsored by the non-profit organization Marriage Appreciation Training Uplifting Relationship Education (MATURE).

Perhaps it is the rules of the contest that have people shying away. The contest is designed to promote marriage that will "really last a lifetime" by rewarding an engaged couple for not having sex before the wedding day. The contest is open to couples where at least one of them lives in Rockdale, DeKalb or Newton county in Georgia. In addition to the cash prize, the winning couple will receive free flowers, wedding invitations and other bridal-related items.

It is unclear if the no-sex rule is the issue or if it is the other stipulations that have resulted in exactly zero entries. Those other stipulations include undergoing premarital counseling, allowing the general public to attend the wedding and agreeing not to serve alcohol at the reception.

The director of MATURE suspects it is the sex rule and decided to back down on that one. Sort of. Couples can now engage in premarital sex, but have to admit that it was a bad idea.

If you are interested (and qualified), you had better hurry. You have just about a week before the October 31st deadline to submit a 600-word essay to the Mature project. Good luck with that!

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