Sarah Palin has her next baby's name picked out

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Alaskan Governor Sarah PalinRemember the Sarah Palin baby name generator? I suspect Governor Palin has been using it as well. Recently, the potential second-in-command of these United States told People Magazine her plans for her next baby's name, should she have one. Given her background, her pride at being a "hockey mom," and the unusualness of her other kids' names, it may not be that big a surprise, however.

"I always wanted a son named Zamboni," said the vice-presidential hopeful. She also told the magazine that she considers herself an intellectual.

Now, I'm as big a fan of unusual names as anyone, but naming a kid after a large machine -- what does that say? I can see it down the road when he's in a pub looking to meet the girl of his dreams: "Hi! I'm Zamboni." "Oh, you drive a Zamboni?" "No, my name is Zamboni." "Goodbye." Palin also says she's not planning on having any more kids. Plus, if she's elected, I doubt she'll have time for another kid; perhaps this is a good reason to vote for her? What do you all think?

Would you name your kid Zamboni?
Sure, it's a proud and useful name.1407 (7.4%)
Nope, I don't name kids after machinery.17583 (92.6%)

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