Candidates campaign for the baby vote

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mom kissing babyVoter fraud, $150,000 wardrobes, smear campaigns, robocalls, and negative ads -- is anyone else ready for November 4th to get here already?

Let's take a break -- just for a minute -- and look at the softer side of our two candidates, shall we? Maybe it'll help us catch our breath before facing the last 10 days before the election. Pixcetera has a large gallery of Senators Barack Obama and John McCain doing what campaigning Presidential candidates do best -- kissing babies. And it's pretty darn cute.

Take, for instance:
  • #2: Baby looks at Sen. McCain with a look that says, "Now, explain that tax plan to me again."
  • #18: "The polls say WHAT?"
  • #13: "Give it to me straight, Senator."
  • #25: "Colin Powell endorsed Obama ... waaaah."
  • #30 and #34: Just pure sweetness.
Which one is your favorite?


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