Halloween tips, woobies, and kindergarten naps - Links we love

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jack o lanternKids are expensive enough, find out how to entertain them for free. -- AlphaMom

Election 08 -- are you still undecided? Find out which candidate has the better health plan for your kids. -- Babble

Jada Pinkett Smith talks about raising emotionally healthy child actors. -- Celebrity Baby Blog

Warm baths and pregnancy -- a no-no, or a healthy way to relax? -- LilSugar

You boss "friends" you on Facebook. Now what? -- Work it, Mom!

Not sure what to do with that face paint your child wants for Halloween? Check out these tips from Disney. -- The Motherhood

Does your child have a "woobie?" -- Offsprung

Kindergarten naps -- on the endangered list? -- MomLogic

Celeb moms speak out on going back to work after baby. -- Mommy Track'd


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