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The Global Wonders - Around the World videoWhen my daughter started her second year of preschool, the director sent out a request for anyone who spoke a foreign language to write, in that language, how one would say "Hello." Her plan was to put them up on the wall of the school so children could be exposed to other languages. In response, my wife, a first grade teacher, ordered a copy of a poster she uses in her classroom that shows how "Hello" is said in many different languages.

If you'd like to expose your kids to cultures, customs, and languages from around the world, you might find the Global Wonders: Around the World DVD of interest. With this video, your kids can sing Happy Birthday in Spanish, play a Middle Eastern flute called a ney, and build a Blarney sand castle. There are lots of international adventures to be had.

For starters, check out this video about saying Hello in different languages. It's not the Beatles, but kids will enjoy the music and they always get a big kick out of seeing their own culture represented.


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