Teenager gets to play trains in Chicago

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Metra train in ChicagoIt appears that three Metra engineers in Chicago are under investigation for allowing a teenager into the cabs of locomotives and even operate trains. The Northeast Illinois Regional Commuter Railroad Corporation, as Metra is formally known, operates eleven different rail lines through six counties and serving more than two hundred stations. When it comes to trains, we're talking the real deal here.

Now, I understand that these trains cross roads and even share tracks with other train lines so I can see that letting a kid run the train would be a very bad idea, but really, letting a young railfan into the cab couldn't be such a terrible crime, could it? I know that my son would love such an opportunity and probably knows as much about trains as most of the engineers -- as I suspect is true of many kids.

So, while I think that perhaps there should be some disciplinary action for the whole endangering-lives thing, I do think it's nice that there are still folks out there who will open up and share their work with an interested kid.

Do you think train, plane, and other professionals should encourage interested youth?
Absolutely not! These days, anyone could be a terrorist!5 (4.9%)
No, there are too many safety issues.10 (9.7%)
As long as it's safe, I don't see a problem with it.38 (36.9%)
Definitely! They should have official programs to encourage kids.50 (48.5%)

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