Family friendly meals for $10 or less

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child eatingWhenever I try to trim our budget, I always return to our food spending. Even though gas prices are falling, experts say it's unlikely that we'll see any relief in the form of falling food costs. That's not good news for families on a who live on a tight budget.

USA Today recently challenged several dietitians to come up with family friendly meals that can feed four people for under $10. For that amount, it might seem like you'd have to serve everyone mac and cheese, but the group came up with a surprisingly diverse and nutritious menu. My favorite are the black bean sloppy joes, but they also recommend egg dishes for families who really want to stretch their food dollar.

We've had to give up some of our favorite "treat" foods as cost rise -- Starbucks frappachino drinks and pre-made hummus are two that come immediately to mind. But this article shows that with a little thought and creativity, it's still possible to stretch your food dollar enough to feed your family a variety of nutritious meals.

What's your favorite low-cost dinner?

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