Teens can't trick-or-treat in this Illinois town

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candyA few weeks ago, Jennifer asked the question: How old is too old for trick-or-treating? Most of the commenters on that post thought that kids should be able to trick-or-treat as long as they want, even well into their high school years.

But in Belleville, Illinois, kids in high school might want to find other plans for the night. The town recently passed an ordinance that bans kids from ninth grade and up from trick-or-treating, unless they're escorting younger siblings. Parents of children who break the rule will be fined $25.

At first glance, this seems heavy-handed. After all, I'd rather see kids out grubbing for candy than partying on Halloween. It doesn't bother me to give a teenager a piece of candy any more than it does to give one to an adult who's trick-or-treating with a baby who's far too young to eat it. But Belleville's mayor says the ordinance was passed to stop teens from ringing doorbells past nine o'clock, a practice that scared local senior citizens.

So teens, take notice. If you want to keep your trick-or-treating rights, follow the rules: If the porch light is off, walk on by and resist the urge to "trick" someone who doesn't want to give you a treat.

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