Woman gives birth to triplet granddaughters

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pink rattlesThe fact that a 56-year-old woman in Wooster, Ohio has given birth might be a story in and of itself. After all, at 56 she is rather mature to be having babies. Add to that the fact that she gave birth to triplets and the story is even more interesting. But what takes the story right over into incredible territory is the fact that the babies she brought into the world on October 11 are her own grandchildren.

Jaci Dalenberg became a surrogate for her daughter Kim and son-in-law Joe Coseno after the couple were unable to conceive on their own. The Coseno's were already parents to two teen children, but longed to add to their family. They had begun the adoption process, but after several heartbreaking disappointments, Dalenberg offered them her womb. If that isn't love, I don't know what is.

The couple used in vitro fertilization and the embryos were implanted in Dalenberg's uterus. The babies were born at Cleveland Clinic's Hillcrest Hospital in Mayfield Heights two months premature, each weighing less than three pounds. According to hospital officials, babies Elizabeth, Gabriella, and Carmina and grandma are all doing well.

At the beginning of this process, Kim Coseno began a blog about the experience. After the children were born and the news "exploded", she says she had second thoughts about sharing her life with the world. Not every stranger who has read her blog has been supportive, but she's decided to keep the blog public. She writes: "I remember at the beginning of our long journey I read other peoples stories and it helped us. It gave us ideas, it inspired me, it made me cry, love and sometimes get a touch of reality. I am going to continue to write and keep it public."

Congratulations to the Coseno family!

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