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tom and suri cruiseOne of the things I was most excited about when we decided to leave Boise and move east was the chance to live close to all the wonderful culture that New York City has to offer. Boise, Idaho is a beautiful place, but not the most happening town in the world. But living just a short train ride from the Big Apple, I imagined we would visit museums, see Broadway shows and soak up the diversity that is NYC. And we do, every chance we get.

Our very first outing in the city involved a trip to see The Little Mermaid on Broadway. Tickets were expensive (we paid $130 each for the cheap seats), so just being there was a special treat for all of us. We loved the show, except for the part where the little princess in front of us talked and sang throughout the entire performance. She looked to be about two-years-old and her mother looked to be oblivious as her child stood in her seat, clapped her hands and asked a million questions using her outside voice.

That a two-year-old would have a good time at a Broadway show is not surprising. But should a child who is too young to understand theater etiquette even be there? Tom Cruise thinks so. Little Suri Cruise has seen Hairspray on Broadway twice now. And from the sounds of it, her behavior wasn't much more considerate than the child who sat in front of us.

Tom and his sister Cass accompanied 2-year-old Suri to last Friday's performance and according to witnesses, Suri spent much of the time standing in her seat. Tom apparently tried to gently coax her back onto her bottom, but without much success. For the Cruise's, shelling out hundreds of dollars for a few hours of entertainment is no big deal. But I wonder if those who sat behind them felt like they got their money's worth. Would you take a two-year-old to a Broadway show? And then allow her to stand in her seat during the performance?

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