The best (unscary) Halloween movies for kids

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When it comes to Halloween, television and film are no exception to trying to up the ante every year in terms of providing us with entertainment and thrills. Most of the time, this involves yet another installation of the Saw franchise, which is borderline hilarious at this point in its ludicrousness (is that even a word? If not, with regard to Saw, it really should be). But what about for the kids? They want to watch Halloween fun, too, and more likely than not they'd like a few thrills to go along with their experience. Finding a balance between what counts as family entertainment (uhm, not Saw) and what will still give kids a thrill can be difficult to discern.

These selections of the "best" kid's Halloween films might bore you to death. They might bore your kids to death too, but at least they're all in one place for you to consider. There's no kitsch value to any of these films, unless you have some sort of thing for Kathy Najimy. The one film that has some artistic value is The Nightmare Before Christmas. Sadly, we get hit over the head with that film every year as they present new 3-D versions, etc. to try to lure us back to the theater. Having seen the film in both 2- and 3-D I can attest it ain't that different the second (or third, or tenth) time around. Same problem with It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. I've been watching it since I was a kid. While it never gets old to me (I bought it for heaven's sake and force everyone to watch it at least five times during October) i can see how the production values wouldn't hold water for kids "these days."

My solution? Everybody seems to have some sort of video camera--whether it's attached to your phone or digital camera, even if it's one of those "old school" clunkers found in your parents' basement. Take said camera, gather the kids and some costumes, have each person write up a page in the script and then make your own scary movie! As the parent you can control how scary things get. The kids get to be as creative as possible. It costs nothing but perhaps the popcorn and candy you purchase to eat while you view it at your Halloween party or whenever the witching hour strikes you. And, if you don't like it, you can just erase it and start over!

What do you think? Are there any really good kids' Halloween movies out there that won't scare the pants off them or bore you beyond the grave?

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