Halloween guilt trip

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jack o lanternsFor the past few weeks,my husband has been working nearly around the clock on a big project at work. Leaving early in the morning, coming home late at night and spending weekends with his nose to the grindstone at the kitchen table. Because of the obvious importance of the project and the seriousness with which he is tackling it, I was more than a little surprised when he mentioned that he planned to be home in time for trick-or-treating on Friday.

It isn't that he enjoys trolling for candy so much -- he just doesn't want to miss what he considers to be a big moment in the life of our eight-year-old. He is not alone. According to a survey conducted by Four Points by Sheraton, 66% of moms and dads admit that they sneak out of work a little early in order to join their kids on their Halloween rounds. 76% say they even rearrange business travel if necessary so as not to miss the festivities.

And for parents who can't quite pull off the slipping-out-early trick at work, they get a big old bag of remorse for Halloween. Of those surveyed, 60% admit feeling guilty if they miss trick-or-treating with their kids.

It's no wonder parents are all worked up about Halloween. 82% of them somehow have the idea that Halloween is their kids' favorite holiday of the year, followed by Easter and Christmas (in that order). So -- what about you? Are you rearranging your schedule so as not to miss a moment of the spooky fun?

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