Halloween treat bags for the other kids?

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A bucket of halloween candyMy wife is a first grade teacher and as such generally prepares Halloween treat bags for her students containing, pencils, erasers, and, yes, a few sweets. Some of her students, however, do not celebrate Halloween and their parents opt to have them not participate in the festivities. In the past, my wife and the other teachers have prepared treat bags for those kids with items unrelated to Halloween.

This year, however, some of the teachers have said they are not going to put together the extra bags; if the students do not participate, they should not get a treat bag. So, my wife asked me what I thought and I, in turn, am asking you. Should students who do not celebrate Halloween get a treat bag, even one that does not contain any Halloween-specific items?

On the one hand, you don't want the kids to feel left out; they're already standing out enough as it is for not joining in. Plus, why shouldn't they get to enjoy a treat just like their peers? Not giving them a treat bag is like punishing them for their (or their parents') beliefs.

On the other hand, however, you also don't want to undermine the parents' authority in regards to what their children celebrate -- and even a plain treat bag, given on Halloween as other kids get Halloween treats, could be considered participating. Personally, I'm a contrarian, so I would probably say "forget the parents; give the kids candy," but that's not really being helpful, now is it? So what do you all think?

Should kids who don't celebrate Halloween still get a treat bag?
Absolutely! It's bad enough they don't get to join in the fun.78 (34.2%)
Sure, as long as there are no Halloween-themed items in it.102 (44.7%)
Probably not -- it means they're participating in a way.36 (15.8%)
Absolutely not! No Halloween costume, no treat bag.12 (5.3%)

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