Sagging? Don't blame breastfeeding

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When making the decision whether to breastfeed or not, there are plenty of factors to take into consideration. But there's one concern women can cross of their list -- sagging breasts. Many women worry that breastfeeding will forever change the shape of their breasts (and not for the better), but a recent study found no evidence that nursing has any effect.

Pregnancy, on the other hand, well that's what will having you reaching for the nearest Miracle Bra. And there are certain factors that can put you at a greater risk of sagging post-pregnancy. These include:
  • a higher body mass index
  • age
  • higher number of pregnancies
  • having a larger cup size
  • smoking
So if you choose to nurse, you can now do so without this particular worry on your mind!

Celebrities who breastfed(click thumbnails to view gallery)

Jada Pinkett SmithCindy CrawfodJulianne MooreDemi MooreCeline Dion

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